Hey you!

I see you there you glorious teaching machine!

You know your way around AO’s, SMS’s, LTP’s and a whole raft of other teaching acronyms. In fact, you probably know your stuff so well that you’ve landed a middle leadership role (or will nab one some day real soon) … aahhhhh … smell those sweet, sweet units.

Coaching CoLab is the place where middle leaders like yourself from schools and ECE centres across New Zealand come to level up their leadership and achieve goals that are so big and hairy that they terrify the average Joe and Jolene.

But not you! You’re far too awesome to get scared of your own potential,

I can tell. 

Stay up to date with how I'm taking educational middle leadership to a whole new level


Get me into your school to:

  • Facilitate leadership coaching for your team
  • Train your own onsite coaches
  • Support you and the team to embed a sensational team culture

Middle Leaders

Work with me one-on-one to:

  • Set and achieve big hairy career goals
  • Create a work life that you LOVE
  • Navigate your way through leadership challenges

New and Aspiring Leaders

Start your middle leadership journey on the right foot with these Coaching CoLab resources:

Why is Kate so keen on coaching?

Well I’m glad you asked!

Coaching is all about creating an environment where everyone can thrive through reflection, questioning, exploration and risk taking. It’s about giving middle leaders the communication skills that they need to be able to support their team members on a whole new level, the results of which are MASSIVE. Sounds like something that all teachers and learners can benefit from huh?

In the same way that you don’t plant a seed and tell it how to grow, you don’t get better teachers by telling them how to teach.  Coaching is about providing ongoing and individualised support so that people can set and achieve goals that are specific to their learning journey.

I reckon that coaching is the secret sauce for teaching and learning success. 

The benefits of coaching are well researched across all sectors and industries. With a growing demand for coaching that is specific to education, there is an absolute smorgasbord of reasons why schools and ECE centres are jumping all over the opportunity to make coaching a part of what they do. 

The outcomes of coaching include:

   • Increased teacher agency

   • Allowing teams to collaborate on a whole new level

   • Putting a stop to constant fire-fighting

   • Providing ongoing and individualised professional learning support

   • Improved communication skills

   • Encouragement of deep reflection

   • Bringing the Professional Teacher Standards to life

and SOOOOOO much more ….