I’m here to inject a bucket load of enthusiasm into all of you teachers out there.

Teaching is an incredible job, done by tremendous people. But, as we’ve learned from just about every movie ever – all hero’s need help. I’m here to be the Sam to your Frodo, the Donkey to your Shrek and the Wilson to your … whatever the name of Tom Hanks’ character was in Castaway.

I’ve been coaching teachers since 2016 as an Associate Principal, an Across Schools Leader in one of NZ’s largest Kaahui Ako and now, as an in-school trainer and facilitator. I’ve worked with hundreds of teachers over this time from all sorts of different school and ECE contexts, helping them to shake up their professional lives and feel supported, confident and most importantly… feel invigorated!

I coach teachers, school leaders and sometimes even student teachers, helping them to define goals that they are crazy in love with, then support them every step of the way as they get out there and go about achieving them. My extensive training and research into a range of coaching techniques and models allows me to work with all sorts of different personalities and help people to achieve whatever it is that is most important to them. I only coach teachers (despite pleas from my accountant to stop turning away other people) because I’m laser focused on doing what I can to make education in New Zealand the absolute best in the world (look out Finland).

There are lots of options to get me working with your team in-school or you can work with me privately one-on-one.

My Story

I’ve committed my entire adult life to teaching kids (aside from that one year after high school when I worked in Hannahs at Riccarton Mall. Half price shoes…? Yes please). As teachers tend to do, I’ve had a whole heap of different roles on top of my classroom commitments. I’ve dabbled in everything from Social Club Coordinator to Kaahui Ako Across Schools Teacher. I’ve led Te Ao Maori, The Arts, Digital Technologies and been an Associate Principal, while, amongst all of that, somehow I’ve even managed to raise two children on my own. 

It’s through these roles that I discovered coaching, and quickly realised that it truly is the secret sauce of teacher success. 

My portfolio in Te Pae Here Kaahui Ako was coaching and mentoring for middle leaders. I fell in love with that role so much that mid 2019, I said goodbye to my steady income and job security as a teacher/A.P, and said hello to the self employed ‘Director of Enthusiasm’ that I am today. I started Coaching CoLab so I can help even more teachers to be happy and successful in their careers by not only coaching them, but helping schools to train their own coaches. It’s so important that every teacher in New Zealand has access to the ongoing and personalised support that they need to thrive. 

I’ve always played on the disobedient end of the teaching spectrum; driving innovation, embracing creativity and challenging the status quo throughout my career. It’s this attitude that forms the foundation of my approach to writing and coaching (just take a look at my blog – my Mum thinks it’s really great!)

In a nut-shell, I’m creative, supportive and a double-dose of enthusiastic.

When I’m not coaching, I’m all about:

  • Trying to get my hands on a breeding pair of corgis so I can get involved in the dog-show scene.
  • Kicking my kids butts at handball.
  • Prowling around the supermarkets for the best deals on Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc.
  • Going on adventures with my dreamy-dream-boat Rob and our crazy little blended family.
  • Vacuuming. There’s a lot of that to do when you share your home with a 45kg labradoodle. (I’m a dog person, can you tell?)
  • Trying to keep just one bloody houseplant alive. Some people have green thumbs, mine can only be considered black judging by the amount of succulents I’ve managed to slaughter lately.