Declare It

Last week I put out this post to the universe, making the ultimate statement that I’m throwing my job down the gurgler and chasing my dream of being a Coach. 


In a good way … mostly!

People have contacted me from far and wide to offer their support and encouragement. There are some absolute legends out there who are so giving with their time, knowledge and skills and I’m super grateful to every single one of them who has offered to help me on this journey. 

But the other thing that’s come my way is DOUBT! What the hell happens if this dream all crashes and burns? Will anyone actually be interested in what I have to offer? I know virtually nothing about running a business so how on earth am I going to make this work?

One of the reasons that most people fail to achieve their goals is because they let doubts like this hold up a great big STOP sign on the journey towards what people actually want. I’m choosing to look at them more like a Give Way. These crazy doubt filled thoughts that come to me in the middle of the night are actually my minds’ way of keeping me safe, by making me aware of things that I need to consider. E.g;

Thought What I’m making it mean
You’re going to look like an absolute idiot if this doesn’t work and the world will laugh in your face! I expect to fail along the way but I sure as hell won’t use it as an excuse to quit
You’re absolutely rubbish with organisational systems – you’ll obviously mess up your tax and end up owing the Government $1,000’s which you can’t pay because you spent all of your money on Pinot Gris. I need to find a good accountant, a savings account that I can’t access and a shoe box to put all of my receipts in
People online are going to hate you and they will be BRUTAL with it – just look at the way they treated Jordyn Wood’s after that scandal with Khloe Kardashian’s man! I’m not going to be everyone’s cup of tea- and that’s an awesome thing! I’m out there being truly, authentically me- people that identify with the way my brain works, will see the value in what I’m doing and put posters of me on their walls.
There are loads of people out there doing this work who are way more qualified than you. People work with PEOPLE, not qualifications.

Declaring your goals to the universe is scary, there’s no doubt about it. If you truly want to achieve something, you’ve got to wear it on your sleeve like it’s the 2019 version of those Yellow USA hoodies that were the MUST HAVE mufti day item of the late 90’s. Write it on your dog. Scream it into the night!

Let your doubts make you think, but DON’T let them stop you. 

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