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Ways that we can work together with one-off sessions

The Collaboration Game

$300+GST and travel if outside of Hamilton

The Collaboration Game is based on a popular LEGO® simulation game from the business world. I have adapted it to reflect the realities of teamwork in an educational setting. The purpose of the game is to get an overview of the fundamentals of collaboration, communication and coaching (the 3 C’s).

Each participant experiences what it is like to be a key stakeholder in a child’s education by taking on a unique role such as teacher, parent, office administrator, ERO reviewer etc. You will all work together to achieve a common goal – getting all of the reports delivered to parents on time and to standard, all through the use of LEGO®. 


Key Outcomes:

The Collaboration Game creates an awareness of why the 3 C’s are so beneficial to all members of your community. After your team have experienced it- you’ll never make decisions the same way again!

It’s a hands-on experience that your team will continue to talk about, long after the LEGO® is packed away.

You will explore:

    • The importance of expectations and how you can set them together as a team
    • Clear communication that benefits every member of your school community
    • Understanding that collaboration is working together to achieve something that you couldn’t do as a group of individuals working in isolation




Half day Interactive Personality Profiling workshop for teams of all sizes

$500+GST and Travel

Sometimes we wonder why others struggle with the tasks that we find so simple, or why a concept makes complete sense to everyone else in the room except for us. My Exploring Personalities workshop, helps us to break down these barriers and create a shared understanding amongst your team of what it is that makes us all tick. 

As the New Zealand Educational Partner for People Maps International, I have a deep understanding of the complexities of personalities. I can help your team to discover what their personality preferences are, and most importantly, how to work and communicate with people who do not share their particular preferences.

We take a deep dive into the four key elements of personalities:

Energy Style

Cognitive Style

Values Style

Self Management Style

The Exploring Personalities workshop is a tremendous way to lift the lid on the personalities within your school and can be done as a small group or with your entire community. It is a great team-building activity for your next Teacher Only Day and a fun Callback Day activity to ensure that you are starting the new term with a fresh perspective.


Ways that we can work together with ongoing PLD programs

Resetting your team culture? I can help.

Looking to enhance collaboration? I’m all over it.

Are your leaders ready to take their teams to the next level? IT’S WHAT I LIVE FOR!

In the same way that we know to differentiate learning opportunities for students, I know that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to professional learning. The first step for me working with your team is to understand your challenges and from there, build a program of professional learning just for you. As a professional coach, I have helped schools to:

Overhaul their school-wide appraisal system

Provide ongoing and individualised support to promote enhanced wellbeing for all team members

Provide leadership training for on-site coaches

Explore Coaching in the Classroom and enhance the way that teachers and students communicate with each other, particularly when giving and receiving feedback


Here are two examples of popular coaching PLD options