What I Do

In the same way that we don’t plant a seed and tell it how to grow, we don’t create better teachers by telling them how to teach. Professional coaching is all about creating an environment where everyone can thrive through reflection, questioning, exploration and risk taking. It’s about providing ongoing and individualised support so that people can create and achieve the goals that are most important to them.

I reckon that coaching is the secret sauce for teacher success. It is the difference between professional learning being a process, or being just an event. 

The benefits of peer-to-peer professional coaching are well researched across all sectors and industries. With a growing demand for coaching that is specific to education, there is an absolute smorgasbord of reasons why schools are jumping all over the opportunity to make coaching a part of what they do. 

Coaching will:

  • Accelerate the personal and professional development of staff.
  • Help to retain school staff.
  • Enhance team morale.
  • Help teachers and leaders to adapt to new roles and tasks.
  • Generate self responsibility.
  • Support school leaders in their often lonely positions by providing challenge and support.
  • Embed training so that PLD opportunities are more cost effective.