Why the gently-gently approach is the best way to create change.

Last weekend I went to a dog show. Imagine Crufts, but in Tokoroa. I knew the name of every breed of dog there, I gazed in wonder at the spectacular outfits (on the humans) and snuggled with a gorgeous 2 year old Corgi that I absolutely fell in love with. Now here’s the thing, I’ve had this dream of getting a couple or pure-bread dogs and getting involved in the show-dog scene for a while now. This trip got me a smidgeon closer to achieving my goal and I got some great tips for trimming my dog’s nails! Most importantly, I’m never happier than I am when I’m getting stuck into learning something new and my crazy little hobbies bring me so much joy. 


Let’s take that attitude and apply it to something that might just bring you some joy - creating change in your life that you’ll be crazy in love with. Recently I came across the idea of creating Atomic Habits, or in other words, the importance of committing to being just 1% better at something every day. You don’t need to take drastic action to achieve what you want, or throw everything out the window and replace it with a new idea immediately. All you need to do to create sustainable change is grow and develop by just 1% every day; consistently and purposefully. 

It’s great news isn’t it? 

Slowly and steadily, you can get just one teeny-tiny percent better each day at behaviour management, leading a team, carrying out assessment or whatever else it is that you’re focused on. Even my mediocre maths skills can tell you that 400 school days multiplied by 1% = MASSIVE GROWTH!


So what if we all decided tomorrow that as an entire teaching profession, that we’d all make a commitment to increasing our own wellbeing by 1% every day. It doesn’t seem daunting does it? It certainly doesn’t seem unachievable. And it most definitely isn’t selfish (I know that there are a lot of you out there who struggle with this one). 


Imagine if on day one, you cranked out the fancy tea-cup for your morning cuppa, you know, the one that people are allowed to look at but not touch. The next day you might get up 5 minutes early to start the day with a few minutes of solitude before everyone else in the house emerges. And by day three, who knows, you might splash out on some Moccona to replace your bag of $2 instant coffee. The trick is to keep the momentum going with tiny tweaks every day that build on each other.


Crucially, your success is the product of your daily habits. In order to change your regular routine, you’ve got to do it in a sustainable way. Once in a life-time transformations can happen, but guess how likely that is …

Go on …

Yeah it’s probably best you don’t sit around waiting for one of them huh. 


Rachel Hunter nailed it when she said “it won’t happen overnight, but it will happen” and our friends at Cadbury found out the hard way what happens when you do try and change something overnight. 


Those Creme Eggs have just never been the same have they #RIPdeliciousness

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